Prestiva consulting is focused in Energy/Commodity/Financial Trading, Oil and Gas Solutions, Alternative/Green Energy, Risk Management, Complacence Management, Project Management and IT services providing Management Consulting Company.

Working professionals services team members at client's location across Energy and Financial sectors.

As industry leaders, we introduced offshore development centers for Energy Sector clients.
Risk management and energy trading
Managing pragmatically to thrive in evolving markets
Prestiva's risk management and energy trading consultants have direct industry experience in all facets of risk management and trading - from strategy development to daily risk management activities, from the boardroom to the back office.
Companies across the energy value chain and in all commodities are confronted by a wide variety of risks requiring mitigation to succeed in today's unsettled business environment: volatile commodity prices, significantly reduced market liquidity and evolving financial and regulatory reporting requirements. Prestiva assists by accurately and swiftly measuring, monitoring and managing the many risks that are inherent in daily energy business decisions. Our focus includes:
  • defining and refining the role of trading in energy organizations - contribution, capital structure and value proposition
  • maximizing the value of an energy company's risk management and governance infrastructure
  • implementation of commodity risk management as a component of a company's capital framework
  • implementing a sound and useful credit risk management infrastructure.
   Risk analysis and measurement
   Enterprise risk management assessment and implementation
   Supply and trading strategy and implementation
Client benefit

Prestiva helps energy organizations properly define and successfully implement commercial strategies, founded on core principles of portfolio and risk management. This approach utilizes company-proprietary information as well as external market data, industry trends and competitor analyses to help determine the best strategy for a specific organization.

Additionally, Prestiva applies best practice protocols to help organizations enhance existing risk management practices and infrastructure. Our suite of offerings enables energy companies and end-users to better measure, manage and report various sources of risk. Our energy risk management experts work side-by-side with organizations to help them adopt innovative strategies, processes, capabilities and enabling technologies to meet objectives.

This pragmatic approach is supported by consulting staff with experience that ranges from executive decision-making in the boardroom to transaction execution on the trading floor, and all other front, middle and back office activities. Finally, Prestiva's experts have in-depth experience in all traded energy commodities, including petroleum products, coal, natural gas, electric power and their financial derivatives.
Risk analysis and measurement

Prestiva's proprietary approach to generation asset valuation combines extensive market modeling capabilities with a comprehensive due diligence process to develop meaningful cash flow and valuation estimates for a given generating asset or portfolio.
Prestiva performs independent analysis to assist companies in developing meaningful group-wide risk measures. These measures take account of direct and indirect correlations resulting from price correlations. Project leaders help incorporate measures of risk exposures for key corporate and focus on implementing a practical framework that takes account of issues such as the availability, cost and time to implement of IT solutions.
Prestiva works with clients to identify modeling requirements in terms of: risk factors to be modeled, appropriate risk measures to measure and control risk in the market and types of instruments and positions to be represented, including representation of physical assets. Project experts provide insight into price behavioral assumptions and other scenarios/sensitivities and key parameters such as market volatility, correlation factors over time and between products, and counterparty default probabilities. Additionally Prestiva can integrate the output of these models into overall risk and financial reporting solutions.
Enterprise risk management assessment and implementation

Clients are searching for a method to solidify the framework that will identify, measure and monitor risks and opportunities. Prestiva engages with clients to develop a governance structure focused on a risk and reward framework melding business objectives, protocols and behaviors. This includes designing an organizational structure that clearly defines roles and responsibilities for all control functions.Prestiva creates policies and procedures tailored to your requirements, implementing an appropriate control framework with supporting integrated reporting, and developing checks and balances between commercial, control and accounting functions.
There are a number of leading trading risk management systems. Few, if any, have all the functionality clients typically desire. The optimum choice, which might include building a bespoke system, depends upon your specific requirements in terms of functional and technical requirements, both now and in the future.
Prestiva assists clients to determine requirements and select and implement an optimal trading risk management solution from bespoke build and vendor package alternatives. Prestiva helps determine a clear and comprehensive functional specification for the energy trading system you require.
Supply and trading strategy and implementation

A strategic positioning review considers the appropriate focus on creating value through assets operation versus merchant trading. The review includes understand the relative focus placed on different types of hedging, trading and origination activities, including the capital allocation to these broad categories.
Prestiva assists with specifying the corporate risk and understanding the risk level inherent in their existing activities to assess how much risk capital should be allocated to the various energy activities/business units. The Prestiva team works with clients to develop future commercial strategies consistent with the stated risk appetite using combinations of sophisticated techniques including:
  • review of the relative performance of different companies in the clients and comparable markets to assess the results of various commercial strategies
  • use of internal data to review the risk/returns on different value chain activities to assess postive and negative risk/return results
  • review of future trends in government policy competition and technology to assess impact on profitability of different value chain segments
  • survey of key managers and key external players to assess current and potential future skills and capabilities throughout the value chain.
In addition, Prestiva also helps to develop and implement a centralized risk management structure to optimize portfolio risk management. The commerical hub also becomes responsible for longer term portfolio management decisions, including the acquisition and disposal of assets. This involves the detailed definition of risk measures and risk control frameworks, performance measures and performance management frameworks, and procedures which define in more detail the precise allocation of roles and responsibilities between business units.