Risk Management
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Prestiva Service Offering for Risk Management

Customers face risk every day. From the hazardous processes used in their businesses to the extreme locations in which they operate, risk is an inherent part of their business. While we cannot eliminate these risks, we can establish risk management systems to protect and add value to the organization. Risk management is considered the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks followed by application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control the probability of unfortunate events or to maximize the realization of opportunities. Risks can come from uncertainty in financial markets, project failures, legal liabilities, credit risk, natural causes and disasters. The strategies to manage risk include transferring the risk to another party, avoiding the risk, reducing the negative effect of the risk, and accepting some or all of the consequences of a particular risk. Prestiva consulting uses advanced technologies to help organizations worldwide optimize their risks and evaluate their exposure to natural, man-made and operational risk. Our experienced professionals enable organizations to manage risk cost-effectively and implement controls. We use industry-proven methodology to offer our clients practical, rational and holistic risk management system and solution.


Implement Risk Management process based on International standards (ISO, IADC and NIST)
Risk Assessment
Security and Vulnerability
Catastrophe Modeling