Regulatory Compliance
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Prestiva Service Offering for Regulatory Compliance

Regulatory compliance defines policies and processes that corporate and public firms have in place to ensure that they follow rules, laws and regulations. Prestiva professionals can assist you in documenting your policies, procedure and controls. We can also asses and implement regulation including SOX, HIPPA and ISO. The growing number of government regulations, industry standards and internal mandates make Compliance a difficult and expensive undertaking. On the other end, IT infrastructures have reached such a level of complexity that it is now difficult to control deviations from technical standards. Given these IT governance, risk and compliance challenges, it is essential to establish strong security policies to protect both assets and information. But putting policies in place is only a first step. It is also necessary to ensure that these policies are effectively enforced. To meet strategic management objectives, IT must continuously monitor and remediate any deviations from established standards and do so in a manner that is efficient and cost-effective. Prestiva will provide customize solution to manage all aspects of regulatory compliance, IT governance and risk at lower cost and complexity. We will protect your organization from financial crime, and make sure that you meet regulations and laws.


IT Audit and Assessment
Regulation Compliance (HIPPA, SOX and Other Mandates)
Reduce Compliance cost and complexity
Simplify management of multiple regulations