About Us
Prestiva consulting is focused in Energy/Commodity/Financial Trading, Oil and Gas Solutions, Alternative/Green Energy, Risk Management, Complacence Management, Project Management and IT services providing Management Consulting Company.

Working professionals services team members at client's location across Energy and Financial sectors.

As industry leaders, we introduced offshore development centers for Energy Sector clients.
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Career at Prestiva

Is Prestiva Right for Me?
Prestiva looks for exceptional ability and a track record of accomplishment and success. We are most interested in people who have ability to have personal impact on an organization’s success. Teamwork is key to our and your success. The support you will receive from the team will encourage your personal achievement. Prestiva attracts qualities like problem-solving, personal impact, achieving and leadership- that will make lasting differences.

Diversity of Backgrounds
The diversity of Prestiva background gives us the range of expertise to tackle complex problems. When we take on client’s challenge, we bring people together with distinct knowledge, skills and perspective from different parts of the world.

We value different views, ideas and values that people bring to Prestiva. Distinct knowledge and skills leads to innovative thinking and sounds solutions for the clients. Team collaboration helps people to learn from each other. We combine our strength and incorporate different perspective to find the best answers – critical skills for good leadership.

How we support your Success
The Prestiva’ environment is supportive, collaborative and respectful. The most valuable learning you will receive from working with colleagues every day. Prestiva encourages supporting each others success as your team provides solutions to the client. Your manager will guide you and help you grow and we will expect and support the same for you. It’s about you being your best and we want to make sure you get there. You will always have what you need to do your best work.

Welcome to Careers at Prestiva
Interesting work brings people to Prestiva. Variety, teamwork, growth and leadership keep people here as they build their carriers. A carrier here translates into continual opportunities to expand on what you can do and learn. This is the point for you to learn more about Prestiva.