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Working professionals services team members at client's location across Energy and Financial sectors.

As industry leaders, we introduced offshore development centers for Energy Sector clients.
IT infrastructure architecture and design
An IT strategy needs to be translated effectively into a successful architecture in order to be implemented. Major building blocks of IT infrastructure architecture include systems, processes and organizational structures. Many different potential building blocks and organizational structures can be developed and the challenge is knowing which to use.

Prestiva Consulting Group's technology infrastructure architecture and design consulting service is used to define the infrastructure required and helps the organization to prepare the business case for investment. In addition, it defines the organizational approach that is required to manage the ongoing development and delivery of the infrastructure.

In-depth knowledge and vast experience
Prestiva has considerable experience in the design and planning of IT infrastructures to support a broad range of business applications and communications services. This spans a range of architectures from traditional voice networks and common operating environments to workflow platforms, e-infrastructures and voice-over-IP networks.

Our design approach goes beyond routine requirements documentation to encompass activities where Prestiva's wide expertise and experience can add further value, for example:
  • advising clients of available technical options and the opportunities which may arise from investment in the latest technologies
  • developing an integrated procurement strategy to ensure accurate, timely and cost-effective procurement of IT infrastructure systems
  • communicating and gaining buy-in to the design by all interested parties
  • defining an organizational approach for system development and procurement
  • developing and maintaining a business case for the architecture, including the control of requirement changes with respect to costs, benefits and risks.

Complementing your own resources
Prestiva technology infrastructure consultants can offer the set of business, technical, and IT management skills appropriate to each client's individual needs. This is particularly applicable where organizations no longer possess the deep levels of technical skill they once had, and hence require specialist technology infrastructure input to supplement their in-house resources.