Green Energy
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Prestiva Service Offering for Green Energy

The environment has moved right to the top of the corporate agenda. Going green is no longer an option and high-performance businesses and governments all around the world are responding to the need to reduce carbon emissions in everything they do. As a major contributor to an organization’s carbon footprint, the IT department has a crucial role to play in meeting these goals. IT departments have plans to move to more energy efficient personal computing paradigms. Companies are looking for solutions - identifying ways that communications technologies can reduce global energy consumption, while also driving down consumption of network resources themselves.

Prestiva can help your business reduce IT operational costs, increase efficiency and boost productivity through the adoption of environmentally sustainable IT practices. We help organizations align their IT vision and strategy with their goals to achieve high performance and reduce cost. By improving the IT infrastructure and capabilities that affect people and processes across the organization, we help to reduce their carbon footprint while increasing efficiency and productivity. Prestiva Consulting takes an information-centered approach that extends from data center to remote sites. We assess immediate and long-term environmental impact, look for ways to reduce energy costs, and create a roadmap that will enable you to maximize your return on investment.

Quantify the initial investment and expected financial returns of green IT projects
Analyze your infrastructure and carbon footprint
Evaluate IT process maturity
Enhance IT processes which targets greener policies and procedures, and performance targets
Measure power usage and facility energy efficiency