DDisruptive Technologies
Prestiva consulting is focused in Energy/Commodity/Financial Trading, Oil and Gas Solutions, Risk Management, Complacence Management, Project Management and IT services providing Management Consulting Company.

Working professionals services team members at client's location across Energy and Financial sectors.

As industry leaders, we introduced Blockchain, Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence for Energy Sector clients.
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Prestiva Service Offering for Energy (Oil, Gas, Utility) Sector

Prestiva Consulting collaborate with Oil and Gas companies to develop innovative and practical approaches for meeting their latest challenges. We distinguish ourselves by providing high‐level strategic advice and the latest technology solutions for improving performance in each part of the value chain. Our consultants have delivered industry‐leading methodologies, best practices and robust software solutions that reflect our industry insights and vast experience in our core competencies. We work with companies to take advantages of new opportunities to help them become high-performance businesses that can achieve sustained results over the long term, across business and economic cycles.


Blockchain Technology
Internet Of Things Technology
Artificial Intelligence Solutions
Big Data Analytics Solutions
Cloud Computing