Prestiva consulting is focused in Energy/Commodity/Financial Trading, Oil and Gas Solutions, Alternative/Green Energy, Risk Management, Complacence Management, Project Management and IT services providing Management Consulting Company.

Working professionals services team members at client's location across Energy and Financial sectors.

As industry leaders, we introduced offshore development centers for Energy Sector clients.
Business operations consulting
Transforming the performance of business operations
At Prestiva we work with our clients to translate their business needs into real operational savings and service improvements. Using our in-depth knowledge and expertise in operations architecture, operational efficiency, process transformation and sourcing we help our clients to:
  • save money
  • improve service levels
  • achieve superior shareholder returns
  • meet business needs in a rapidly changing marketplace
  • become a better organised, coherent and flexible organisation.
We offer a number of services, each supporting different elements of the operational transformation journey.