Prestiva consulting is focused in Energy/Commodity/Financial Trading, Oil and Gas Solutions, Alternative/Green Energy, Risk Management, Complacence Management, Project Management and IT services providing Management Consulting Company.

Working professionals services team members at client's location across Energy and Financial sectors.

As industry leaders, we introduced offshore development centers for Energy Sector clients.
Business intelligence
Achieving competitive advantage from business intelligence
Prestiva's business intelligence services assist in building a well-informed organization that responds to change in business environments by extracting knowledge from information. Our end-to-end solution focuses on developing a strategy that includes:
  • determining the correct and valuble data elements for collection and analysis
  • developing data gathering processes
  • helping clients understand how analyzed data can lead to insight
  • shaping and designing analytical services to ensure consistency
  • optimizing service delivery
  • implementing the right technology that is both feasible and easily integrated.
   Regulatory reporting
   Gross margin reporting
Client benefit

Organizations that achieve a focused agenda will have well-defined priorities across the enterprise. Staff will be connected with the organizational objectives of efficiency and shareholder value. Well developed business intelligence initiatives provides quality and up-to-date insights that can be used to drive business change. By effectively targeting technology investment, organizations can achieve a solution that is valued by the business because it is a highly useable, every-day tool. The business recognizes that there are few absolutes, but the service provides a high degree of quantified certainty and an analysis of options - for investments, projects, campaigns and real-time operational interventions and improvements.
Regulatory reporting

In a time of increased scrutiny on environmental impact, plant efficiency, demand and load prediction and financial reformation, regulatory reporting is a necessary - and soon a fundamental - component of the energy business.

Prestiva provides suppliers a method to simplify the process, streamline the effort, reduce the associated cost and gain insight from the gathered data. Applying a combination of strategy development, technology, and analysis reduces the time required to gather regulatory data and increases the accuracy of required reporting while providing organizations with continuous insights into their business.
Project experts work with organizations to develop a business intelligence strategy aimed at reducing the burden of regulatory reporting whilst turning the process into an exercise to inform stakeholders and gain value by:

  • determining the correct and valuble data elements for collection and analysis
  • assisting in developing key metrics necessary to meet business objectives and government regulatory guidelines
  • understanding solutions required to capture data specific to the energy industry and the documented regulations
  • helping enhance the quality of data and data management strategy by recommending a technology system that meets your business needs
  • easily integrating into your organization
  • supporting clients in recognizing opportunities upon which to capitalize.
Prestiva leverages regulatory reporting in the following areas to provide added insight to your organization: real time pricing, renewable content and efficiency, plant operations, monitoring efficiency, financial statistics, demand and load forecasting and power purchase agreements.
Gross margin reporting

It is not uncommon for energy utilities to employ high labor-intensive and time consuming processes to complete their gross margin reporting. If companies can overcome these challenges and leverage gross margin reporting across their entire business, they will be equipped in providing educated business decisions, and information will be more insightful, reliable and timely.

Prestiva possesses a detailed understanding of the value chain of energy companies, and has direct experience with gross margin solutions, developing performance measurement and management reporting tools and extensive track record in delivering projects. Project leaders work with clients in redefining reporting requirements for improved clarity and segmentation, re-engineering processes and re-organizing back and middle offices and developing advance IT toolsets for processing and calculating.

Prestiva provides solutions that meet all the typical requirements utilizing a low-risk approach to deliver future-proofing through scalability and flexibility.